We Do:

  • Act in our Client’s best interests.
  • Invest in the same securities and use the same approach we recommend to Clients in our own investment portfolios.
  • Believe that the risks in the markets are often underestimated, therefore we advocate a more conservative approach to investing than is generally practiced.
  • Educate our Clients about investing. We present our investment strategy to Clients in a clear, easy to understand way.
  • Provide individualized retirement planning to our Clients.
  • Give individual attention to all Clients and promptly respond to calls and email.
  • Refer Clients to other professionals such as accountants and Estate Planning attorneys.

We Do NOT:

  • Sell products or get commissions for products we recommend.
  • Have any financial interest in the products we recommend to Clients.
  • Receive any financial compensation from referring our Clients to other professionals (accountants, attorneys, etc).
  • Use questionable investment strategies which take unnecessary risks with Client portfolios.
  • Guarantee performance. As with other types of investments, there is potential for gain as well as for loss. However, having a properly constructed portfolio will help minimize portfolio volatility, and a good long term investment strategy can help achieve our Client’s long term goals.

Please see the FAQ page for more information about our philosophy.