Whether you have an existing plan, looking to open a new plan or upgrade the plan you already have, there are four things you need to consider that can significantly improve the quality of your plan: having the right plan design, minimizing plan cost, managing your fiduciary liability as a plan sponsor and selecting the right plan services that can both minimize your fiduciary liability and help plan participants achieve better investment results.

This article addresses the following topics:

Plan Design

  • Selecting a TPA
  • One-size-fits-all Plans

Plan Cost

  • Fees
  • Revenue Sharing
  • Bundled vs. Unbundled

Fiduciary Liability

  • Fiduciary Adviser Safe Harbor

Plan Services

  • Fiduciary Adviser vs. Investment Committee
  • Helping Plan Participants Do Better

Finally, the article provides guidelines on how you can run a successful plan, especially if your practice has employees.

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