It is well-known that the majority of retirement plan providers that serve the small and mid-sized retirement plans are bundled platforms that make most of their money via asset-based fees. Many plan providers do not offer the best available solutions to small solo and group practice plans, and this often means sub-par plan design and lack of any fiduciary or compliance services, which leads to higher plan cost and can potentially result in unnecessary expenses later on. Even those providers who are open-architecture tend to charge significantly higher fees for small solo and group practice plans relative to what the larger plans pay for the same services. However, it is definitely possible to get the best available plan services at a lower cost. The problem is that the information on how to lower your plan cost and improve the service quality can be hard to come by because plan providers are not fiduciaries, and they are not working in your best interest, so they don’t have to get you the best plan money can buy. Below are five ways to significantly reduce your plan cost, especially if your practice has an older plan with significant assets.

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